Conservation Tourism – Providing income and employment from tourism

Tourism is an obvious way to incentivise conservation. We are developing Conservation Tourism through a series of trails camps as an alternative livelihood for partner villages. The objective is to develop a tourism product that is not investor lead but generates an income immediately for local people at every level from a bed night levy, performance payment for sightings of key animals, building of camps using local skills and materials, annual refurbishment of the camps and employment.

The first camp opened in 2018 at Mpopo Hippo Pool. Four locally designed decks based on the ‘Sanja’ tradition (houses on stilts built in fields to protect crops and offering a safe shelter) were built at Mpopo Hippo Pool. These are no cement camps with a very low footprint, indigenous food, run on solar, pit toilets and low impact principles.

Read more about our Conservation Tourism model and Mpopo Camp here.